Special for Angie's List Members

$75.00 worth of free boxes when you book a move of any size with us. (Boxes must be picked up at the Concord Office).

Free Plastic Totes for Commercial Customers

We are happy to provide plastic totes for commercial moves at no charge, provided they are empty and available for a one-time pickup within ten days after your move.

If we're unable to pickup the empty totes after ten days of your move, our tote pick up is charged at $59/man-hour, round trip from our Concord terminal. Plastic totes that are not available for pick up will be billed at $17.50 per tote. The maximum weight limit for a plastic tote is 60 pounds (exceeding that limit could break the tote). Clients will be billed for broken or damaged totes.

Residential Customers: Half-price (or less) for previously used packing materials

Depending on availability and condition. We also reserve the right to determine the discounted charges for these items, depending on their condition.